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Kalden D.Champlain,QC

  $ 18 /hr

You need a tooter to toot, I need tutees to tutor

Response Time  usually within 2 hours

Education  Concordia (Film Production)

Travel policy  within 20 km of J4L4R5

MathSocial Sciences tutor Kalden,D
Ratings (4.0/5.0)

  About Kalden

I am a student in Film Production at Concordia University. I love learning and sharing my knowledge with others.

  How long have you been a tutor? Tell us about your history with students.

I tutored for two years when i was in high school. In english and in mathematics. I am a very social person and i believe everyone innately loves learning. Learning and teaching should be very organic and knowledge should flow both ways. One of my tutees was struggling with mathematics but i was able to break down the concepts to be more manageable.

  Tell us about your hobbies and interest

I love photography, all kinds of music, cinema, writing, longboarding, excercising, art, concerts, going around to enjoy the festivals in montreal, making music, making movies, talking with people, just being generally up and about.

  Tell us about your volunteer experience

Lots of volunteering done for the tibetan community of Montreal as well as work with students for a free tibet.

  What is your tutoring strategy?

Hone in on what exactly the student is having difficulty with and help them help themselves with a new studying/learning strategy so if they are ever having difficulty again they know how to resolve it. "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Let Kalden show how this man to fish and he eats for life" - me

Math : grade 9 Math,geometry,

Math has a sort of beauty to it. Everything is consistent and logical about it. (unlike my life) All jokes aside problem solving in math has always been a great guilty pleasure for me and i hope to channel that pleasure into my tutoring with you!

Social Sciences : history(World),

History is literally everything that came before you. How society came to be the way it is today can be traced with history. History provides a mean to study past affairs and learn form the mistakes that have been made over the last 5000 years.

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Concordia (Film Production)

Hourly fee

Standard Hourly Fee: $18

Cancellation: 4 hours notice required

Travel policy

Kalden will travel within 20 km of Champlain,QC J4L4R5

Your first hour of any tutor is protected by our Qualification Guarantee: you get refunded if the tutor lacks the knowledge of the tutoring subjects.