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Tutor Hero strives to help every student succeed, whether in education or career development. By partnering with Tutor Hero, you can rest assure that not one student is left behind.


Peer tutoring for your school

Setting up a peer tutoring system is free. Match tutors in your school with ones who are in need of academic help.


Receive progress report from tutor

Our dashboard allows you to see reviews/summary of every tutoring session, so you can rest assure students are making progress.


Mentoring for success

We go above and beyond for tutoring. Whether it is academic or extracurricular, students can always find tutors to help.

Tutor Hero Creates Better Education

Understand better, and learn better

Get Started

Talk to us.

Call or email to us, our representative will go to your school.

We set it up.

We set up the peering tutoring system for you according to your need, for free.

Sit back and relax.

Get students match with peer tutors, and you can monitor their progress.