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Scholarship Movement
How it works

What is Scholarship Movement

Tutor Hero is starting a movement to help high school students to get as many scholarships as possible, to lessen their financial burden, allowing them to enjoy school while at school.

Entrance Scholarship

Get from $1,000 to $10,000 in entrance scholarships. Let our scholarship recipients help with your academic subjects and boost your grade to 85%+.


Essay Scholarships

Do you know only 10% of the student population apply for scholarships with an essay requirement? Let us help with your scholarship essays and wow the scholarship judges.

Scholarships Just For You

From Scholarship Canada, Yconic, to local school board scholarships, our tutors will help you narrow down scholarships that fit you the best, according to your hobbies, extra-curricular activities, community service hours and career path goals.


Get Help Now!

Simply find tutors in your area, and message them, "scholarship assistance". If the tutors respond with "yes", you can go ahead and book an appointment with her/him.

Tutor Hero helped me maximize my scholarship oppotunities. Cooper, Howard Noble Insurance Scholarship Recipient