How to book an appointment

Booking an appointment with a tutor is easy. We have provided a thorough guide below to walk you though every process.


Enter the subjects you need help with

From music to math, Tutor Hero has got your back.


Optimize your search

Only tutors that meet your requirement will come up on the list.


Select a tutor

Browse through tutors' general profile. Look for a tutor with similar interests and career path.


View their detail profile

View the tutor's volunteer experience, hobbies and fun fact about him/her. Get to know about the tutor before making an appointment.


It's time to sign up

Once you find the tutor a good fit, sign up with Tutor Hero. Sign up with a social account or an email.


Message the tutor

Not sure if the tutor tutors the subject you need help with? Message them to find out.


Enter appointment details

Enter all the details at once. No more back and forth email. It makes you and the tutor happy.


Make a payment

You can pay with credit card or Paypal. Tutor Hero holds the fund for you. Once the tutoring is completed, we release the fund to the tutor.


Confirmation Email

You will receive a confirmation email once the tutor agrees to arrange the appointment. This normally would take 2 hours depending on tutor's response time.

TutorHero Background Checked tutor guarantee

100% Qualification Guarantee

Your first hour of any tutors is protected by our Qualification Guarantee: you get refunded if the tutor lacks the knowledge of the tutoring subjects.

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