About Tutor Hero

Everyone Deserves Better Education

At Tutor Hero we are starting a movement providing private tutoring service available to a broad audience, rather than a luxury for the rich. Additionally, we’re providing thousands of work opportunities to individuals who love to teach. By creating an easy way to match students with trusted, professional service providers at an affordable rate, we’re taking the first step toward our mission of creating better education everywhere.

Tutor Hero's Story

Founded by Harry and Jess in July 2013, Tutor Hero started because the duo was unable to find a convenient and affordable peer tutoring service for their upcoming exams. Headquartered in London, ON, Tutor Hero has partnered with numerous high schools and universities, and 1500+ active tutors over 17 cities. Whether you are a high school student or a college student Tutor Hero is an easy solution to help out with your academic chores.

Crossing ‘Book tutoring appointment' off the To Do List in 60 Seconds

Booking is easy! You can book tutoring directly on the Tutor Hero website via your computer or smartphone. Just:

  1. Enter your zip code and a few details about your subject
  2. Choose a tutor that’s convenient for you
  3. Provide your payment information and book!

Every Tutor is Professionally Certified to Teach.

We certify each tutor subject to subject. They must provide proof for their teaching field through our registration portal. We also require every tutor to apply for police checks during registration. Furthermore, all tutors are frequently checked for quality. This ensures an amazing professional tutoring each and every time.

Just as your happiness is a priority for us, we also want to make sure that all tutors are well-treated. Tutor Hero provides a flexible option where they can accept work opportunities on a schedule that works for them!   Learn More

Tutor Hero does not employ the tutors that are on their platform but rather contracts with them. They screen and certify each individual and provides them access to work opportunities.

Furthermore, all tutoring are bonded and frequently checked for quality.